New iPhone FAQ

When is the New iPhone coming out?

According to multiple sources and the dates of previous iPhone releases, the New iPhone is set to be released in July 2016.

Are there any real images of it out there?

There are no reported authentic images of the New iPhone as of yet, but the closest thing we have are some blueprint sketches published in early January. There’s almost nothing more to decipher from these sketches than the fact that the New iPhone will be slimmer than previous models. You can see them here

What new features will the New iPhone include?

Currently there are many speculated features that the New iPhone may include, but many of these are solely based on rumours and patents that Apple has applied for. A few of these include an NFC-chip that would enable paying for things with the actual New iPhone itself. Apple has not come out and confirmed any of these, but there is a strong likeliness that many of the speculated features will be featured in the New iPhone.

Didn’t one just come out last year/Is it worth buying?

Surprisingly, we’ve been getting this question a lot from our readers and we feel as though it completely depends on the person. There are plenty of great smartphones that are coming out in the next year, but we’re mostly excited about the New iPhone. Why? Because with every new iPhone in the past, Apple has completely redefined and changed the smartphone market and we believe that the New iPhone will be no exception to that.

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