iPhone5Rumours.com is the only website you’ll find that provides the most comprehensive daily updates covering EVERYTHING pertaining to the iPhone. There are tons of websites that claim to provide up-to-date information and rumours on the web, but not a single one offers the unique and unbiased angle that we take in our coverage of the iPhone′s upcoming release. We cover network updates, aesthetic updates, rumours, speculations and virtually everything and anything else pertaining to the iPhone !

Many sites claim to provide daily coverage of iPhone  related news, but literally no other site commits to a daily update of the latest news; regardless of how interesting or important it is. If you want to see it for yourself, check out all the other sites that claim to be up-to-date with iPhone news and just look at the gaps between the days they’ve posted the news…now compare that to iPhone5Rumours.com :D

We pride ourselves in being the most comprehensive and most up-to-date news blog out and it’s all to keep to you people informed on the phone we all just love so much.



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